Residential Waste

Automated Carts:  Residential customers are provided two easy-to-maneuver rolling carts -- one for garbage and one for recycling. On your scheduled pick-up day, simply wheel your carts to the edge of the road with the cart front facing the road. Royal trucks are equipped with a mechanism that automatically lifts and dumps your carts.

Recyclables:  Will be picked up on your regularly scheduled garbage day. Use the automated cart provided for recyclables. All of your recyclables -- glass, plastic, tin, aluminum and paper products -- can be "commingled," or put in the same container.

Single Stream Recycling Trucks: Transport your commingled recyclables to an approved local facility to be separated for reuse.

Waste we cannot accept -- household hazardous waste. The Dutchess County Resource Recovery Agency collects household hazardous waste (including product containers marked "Warning," "Hazardous," "Flammable," "Poisonous," "Corrosive, etc.) on designated Saturdays several times each year. Please contact DCWE at 845-463-6020 or visit for a detailed list of acceptable items, upcoming collection dates and mandatory pre-registration information.

What about yard waste?  Please consult your town for available methods of disposal. Note: The Dutchess County Waste-to-Energy Power Plant will not accept yard waste due to its lack of combustibility. The recommend that yard waste be composted. Composting is an environmentally acceptable method of disposing of yard waste and the end product is an excellent source of plant bedding. Visit your local gardening retailer for composting bins and tools.

Roll-Off Dumpster Rental for Residential Use

Roll-off dumpsters are ideal for home cleanouts and construction/renovation. Excellent for items that cannot be compacted.

10 and 12 cubic yard capacity dumpsters are the most frequently chosen for residential projects -- click here to see these and other dumpster size options. Restrictions: No paint, chemicals or pesticides. Nothing hazardous or toxic.


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