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Commercial Waste

Business Waste Solutions

Welsh Sanitation disposes of waste for commercial, retail and restaurant businesses throughout the Hudson Valley. In addition to standard garbage and recycling containers, we offer a variety of front and rear loading dumpsters to handle business waste disposal.

Confidential File Destruction

Welsh Sanitation provides temporary or permanent locking containers for accumulating confidential files for destruction. After the container is filled, Welsh will transport your materials, with or without escort, to the Dutchess County Waste to Energy Facility. All material is immediately incinerated. An official certificate of destruction is issued by the facility for the customer's records. 

Construction Waste Solutions

Welsh Sanitation is a proud participant in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System. Contractors can use Welsh for their green building needs and earn LEED credits. We offer a variety of large capacity roll-off dumpsters (through sister company Royal Carting) to handle construction waste disposal needs.

Food Waste Composting

Welsh Sanitation offers a specialized food waste composting program to its commercial and industrial customers. Food scraps including vegetable and fruit waste, meal leftovers, coffee grounds, tea bags, stale bread, and grains can be composted. The end product from this service is used throughout the Hudson Valley as topsoil and fertilizer.

Municipal Waste Solutions

Welsh Sanitation offers a variety of front and rear loading and large capacity roll-off dumpsters (the latter through sister company Royal Carting) to handle municipal waste disposal needs.

Compactor Systems

Welsh Sanitation offers a variety of front and rear loading dumpsters from 1-to-8 cubic yard capacity, to handle commercial waste removal. Click here to see a complete menu of dumpsters.

Ideal for construction and demolition sites, municipal cleanups, recycling drives and large scale special events. Welsh (through sister company Royal Carting) can empty and relocate containers. Excellent for items that cannot be recycled. Click here to see a complete menu of dumpsters.

Dumpster and Compactor Restrictions: No paint, chemicals or pesticides. Nothing hazardous or toxic.

Welsh Sanitation offers compactor systems for every need. All are safety locked, key controlled, leakproof, and can be customized to meet your needs.

VIP COMPACTOR: from 4-to-6 cubic yard capacity, ideal for small restaurants and fast food chains.

SELF-CONTAINED COMPACTOR: from 16-to-35 cubic yard capacity, ideal for hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and apartment complexes.

STATIONARY COMPACTOR: from 40-to-50 cubic yard capacity, ideal for industrial and commercial businesses.

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