10, 20 or 30 Cubic Yard Containers

Welsh Organics accepts all types of compostable manure --including horse, sheep, llama, goat and sanctuary -- as well as most types of bedding.  


Arranging manure removal is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Call to arrange the service and container size to meet your needs.

  2. Accept delivery of your container on the agreed drop-off day.

  3. Schedule or call for manure removal.

Welsh Organics will take your manure to a local composting facility where it will be repurposed for productive use.

10 Great Reasons to Use Welsh Organics

Manure Removal Service

  1. Reduces fly and parasite populations.

  2. Medications given to animals end up in their manure. That manure can be harmful to the environment if introduced into the water table.

  3. Fresh manure can contaminate grazing areas when not composted and aged properly.

  4. Composted, properly aged manure creates nutrient-rich soil that's repurposed productively throughout the Hudson Valley.

  5. Your composted and aged manure can be returned to you as mulch for your own use, if you choose.

  6. Saves you time, energy and spreading at all hours and in all weather -- manure management doesn't get more convenient than this!

  7. In most cases, manure removal with Welsh Organics is more cost efficient than owning and maintaining your own equipment (particularly when winters are harsh).

  8. Welsh Organics' flexible service let's you schedule pick-up weekly, monthly, yearly, or on call -- whatever best meets your needs.

  9. You can use Welsh Organics as little or as much as you need -- from one time clean-up to ongoing take away.

  10. Next-day service can be arranged in most cases. Call us today -- we'll see you tomorrow.

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